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Float Trips

One of the best ways to experience the wilderness of Southwest Alaska is a float trips down one of the many rivers and lakes. There are countless small rivers, tributaries and lakes in the area, however the primary trips in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge are the Goodnews, Kanektok and Togiak Rivers. The primary trips in Wood-Tikchik State Park are the Wood River Lakes system and the Tikchik Lakes system, including the Tikchik and Nuyakuk rivers.picture09

To the east of Wood-Tikchik are the Nushagak and Mulchatna rivers.

Inflatable rafts, kayaks and canoes are used to float the rivers and lakes. Most trips begin at the headwaters of a river, at a pristine wilderness lake. Most of the rivers have little whitewater, but they do have sweepers (overhanging and submerged trees) that are hazardous if you do not stay alert and have the proper gear. Tikchik Airventures can provide you with rafts, canoes and kayaks for these trips.

A float trip offers access to some of the finest fishing in North America. Home of the world's largest sockeye salmon run, the rivers also have major silver and king salmon runs. World-class rainbow trout, arctic grayling, arctic char and lake trout are found in many rivers and lakes.

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